Little Reminders To Get Through Everyday Life


The Cards

These cards make great gifts for anyone in your life. They're small enough to fit in a greeting card and are easy to mail. They have been sent as graduation gifts, gifts for those who are grieving, a going away present for someone about to take a vacation, or a birthday gift for a young woman. They are excellent ways to tell those you love that you're thinking of them and want to help even when you aren't there. For someone going through a big change, either a new job, a new house, or recovering from an unexpected disaster, these cards can help them stay focused and keep their life on track, no matter where it may take them.

We all need little reminders sometimes, which set is the most appropriate for you?

Here is the complete list of card sets currently available. All the sets contain 10 cards and may be purchased as either plain cards, laminated cards or luggage tags. For an example of each card style please click here.


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