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Quirky Calendar

I sent a copy of my 2009 Calendar to my sister and when she saw the size of it, she wanted to give one to three of her friends who have birthdays in the summer ... but she wanted each of them to start with the birthday month of her friends (two in July & one in August).

I came up with a lot of reasons why this wouldn’t work – but I finally realized that it would just take me some time and effort to figure it out.  Since I produce two calendars on a page, I had an extra calendar that started in August.  Since my birthday is in August I made one using my birthday that I can use as a sample.  So, that is my birthday calendar in the pictures.

I highlight and put "Happy Birthday!" on the day of birth (on both years, the first and last pages of the calendar).  I can personalize the title on the cover with the person’s name (as shown in the picture with my name).

The basic calendar will have "August Birthday Calendar: 2009-2010" as the title on the cover (adjusted for the month you want to start the calendar).  I can also make these for anniversaries or other events such as graduations and reunions.

Basic Cost   

Option 1: $7.00 each includes postage & handling
Option 2: $13.00 for 2 if you order 2 (or multiples of 2) that start with the same month.
Personalization (including 2 different days, names & even events) is included in this price. 

Quirky Calendar


Calendar: $7.00 for one, or $13 for two (same starting month)
Event Type
Starting Month and Special Date
Name for Personalized Cover

 Click on the pictures for a larger image

Birthday – comes with "Happy Birthday!" in the highlighted birth date (both years)
    Cover comes with: "August Birthday Calendar: 2009-2010" (for example)
    Or it can be personalized to:
            "Gaynelle’s Birthday Calendar: 2009-2010"
    Need:   month & day
           & name (if cover is personalized)

Anniversary – comes with "Happy Anniversary!" in the highlighted date (both years)
    Cover comes with "July Anniversary Calendar: 2009-2010" (for example)
    Or it can be personalized to:
            "The Smith’s Anniversary Year: 2009-2010"
    Need:   month & day
           & name (if cover is personalized)

Graduation – comes with "Happy Graduation!" in the highlighted date
            (starting year only)
    Cover comes with  "Graduation Calendar: 2010-2011" (for example)
    Or it can be personalized to:
            "Mary’s Graduation Calendar: 2010-2011"
    Need:   month & day
           & name (if cover is personalized)

Reunions – comes with "Happy Reunion!" highlighted day (or dates) (starting year only)
    Cover comes with "Reunion Calendar: 2009-2010" (for example)
    Or it can be personalized to:
            "The Groth Reunion Calendar: 2009-2010"
    Need:   month & day (days)
           & name  (if cover is personalized)

Other Events: Please contact me if you have any other events that you would like a calendar for and I’ll see if I can do it for you.

Contact me for quantity prices.


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